The Spartan

Voiced By

Kevin Howarth

Tiberius is the Roman Emperor who has gone mad with power. He fears The Spartan and demands that he be killed on sight.


The Emperor of Rome, Ares manipulated Tiberius into attacking Greece so that he could exact his revenge on the Spartan. Tiberius' armies, led by Crassus, quickly overwhelmed all of Greece except for Sparta. Tiberius allowed Crassus to do whatever he pleased as long as the Spartan killed.

Crassus is eventually slain in combat with the Spartan, and assigns Sejanus with overseeing his forces in his place. Ares, who manipulated the Spartan and several of their allies into leaving Sparta, allowed Sejanus to quickly conquer Sparta. When Sejanus returned from Troy, Tiberius asked his Praetorian Prefect if he had killed the Spartan; Sejanus simply responded that he had awoken the Hydra to kill him. Tiberius knew of the Spartan's combat capabilities and angrily told Sejanus that he wanted the Spartan's head.

He is seemingly unaware of Sejanus' death and heads to the Colosseum to watch the games being played in his honor. Unbeknownst to him, the Spartan and their allies infiltrate Rome, with the intent of killing him. However, Castor and Electra are forced to detonate their explosives upon being spotted, and Tiberius survived the assassination attempt. Holed in the Colosseum with his personal guard, the Spartan kills them all and confronts Tiberius.

Terrified, Tiberius tries to defend himself by throwing a dagger at the Spartan, who easily avoids it. Tiberius tells the Spartan that his "master" will surely kill him and jumps off the balcony to his death.