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"Let your saga record that you were killed by The Spartan."

The Spartan is the main character and main protagonist of Spartan: Total Warrior.

In the gameEdit

Early LifeEdit

On Mount Olympus, there was a handmaid of Aphrodite who meddled in the affairs of the Gods of Olympus, who revealed the affair between Aphrodite and Ares to Hepheastus. Discovering this, the Gods of Olympus banished Ares, who killed the handmaid in revenge. Suspecting that Ares would seek revenge on the handmaid's son as well, the Greek pantheon blessed the boy with immortal powers and great warrior skills, and, for his safety, erased all knowledge of his past. After the boy was sent to live with the warriors of Sparta, Ares desired to exact vengeance onto the boy, creating a dark plan which he would initiate in later years. The boy knew none of this, and grew up with no memory of his past, his family, or his name.

Attack of RomeEdit

In later years, the forces of Rome would threaten the city of Sparta, being led by the emperor, Tiberius, and commanded by his general, Crassus. The boy became a novice Spartan warrior, and, in need of more soldiers, King Leonidas allowed all novices to aid Sparta in their war. Ares then contacted the Spartan and presented himself as an ally. The God promised to aid him in his quest for discovering his past; in return, the Spartan would have to deliver the vengeance Ares desired. After this, the Spartan and his allies, Castor and Pollux, fought the Romans, who were attempting to enter the city. The Spartans were able to fight off a massive army of Romans, but then the Romans unleashed the mechanical man known as Talos. Even as the Romans attacked one of Sparta's gates, the Spartan fended off the Roman invasion and defeated Talos by using catapults.

After which, Castor and the Spartan invaded a Roman camp after being sent by Ares, who told the Spartan to capture the Blades of Athena from the camp. After entering the camp and killing many Romans, the duo free the prisoners, grab Athena's Blades, and ally themselves with the Amazonian princess, Electra. They escape the camp, only to encounter Pollux and other Spartans who were sent by Leonidas to find the two runaway Spartans. After Pollux revealed that explosives were placed under a nearby bridge, and set to blow in a short time, the Spartans were then assigned a task: hold off the Romans and protect the prisoners until the bridge explodes. They succeed in this, and Electra then commanded the Spartans to take her to Leonidas in order to reveal information concerning a new war machine the Romans intend to use on Sparta.

The Last Stand and Battle Against the BarbariansEdit

The battle against the Spartans and the Romans would then continue, with the Romans revealing their weapon: a massive machine which can turn men to stone powered by the Gorgon Medusa. After facing many enemies, overcoming many obstacles, and avoiding the attacks created from the deadly weapon, the Spartan finally found himself face to face with the Roman general, Crassus. After defeating him, the Medusa weapon was destroyed , due to Crassus' tampering of the machine. Ares then sent a message to the Spartan, telling him to go to Troy in order to obtain the Spear of Achillies, a weapon which would supposedly save Sparta.

The Spartan then journeyed to Troy along with Electra, Pollux, Castor, and an army of Spartans, keeping their journey unknown to Leonidas. As the Spartans rested, Barbarians suddenly attacked, but were repelled by the Spartans, who also managed to free several prisoners held captive by the Barbarians. The Spartan and Electra then saved an entire village from the grasp of the Barbarians, defeating their leader, Beowulf, while Castor and Pollux were elsewhere.

Ruins of TroyEdit

The Spartan journeyed into the depths of Troy alone, where he encountered Sejanus, a necromancer and Praetorian Prefect, who summoned an army of undead legionaries. After fighting through Senanus' army, skeletons and Romans he found the Tomb of Achilles. Upon finding the corpse of Achilles, along with his spear, Sejanus created the Spartan's Nemesis, a clone of the Spartan which took the spear beforehand. The Spartan and his Nemesis battled, and the Spartan emerged victorious, claiming the spear from his defeated foe. His companions returned, and they all escaped Troy, but not before discovering that while they were journeying to Troy, the Romans crushed the city of Sparta and took control of it. After escaping the ruins, the Spartan had to battle the Hydra, who was awakened by Sejanus in an attempt to kill him. The Spartan killed the beast, and moved to Athens along with his companions.


The Spartan journeyed to Athens to watch Archimedes give out a speech to his fellow Athenians. However, due to Roman presence in the area, the Spartan protected Archimedes from various assassins placed around the location. Afterwards, Archimedes spoke to The Spartan and told him about these lights which would rid the Roman presence. After protecting Archimedes some more, The Spartan reunited with his allies and began to set a plan to turn these lights on.

Afterwards, The Spartan, Castor, Pollux and Electra stopped a group of Romans from executing a group of prisioners that had grabbed on the way. Afterwards, they tried to get to the temple where more would be discussed, but Praetorian Leigonaires blocked the way. The Spartan used a few women to distract the guards, and they discussed more at the temple. Afterwards, after activating the city beams, they had to reach one more, which was guarded by Sejanus and groups of Romans. They ambushed a group of Romans and grabbed the gate key, and charged to the last beam. Sejanus destroyed the gate, making it impossible for anyone to escape. Athenians who opposed the Romans and Spartans charged from the rubble, and after a long fight, Sejanus retreated and the last beam was activated.

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