Tiberius (His emperor)
Crassus (possibly)


The Spartan
King Leonidas

Voiced By

John Isaacs

Aelius Sejanus is the Praetorian Prefect. The leader of the Praetorian Guard, he is also an amoral, sadistic lunatic and a powerful necromancer with extensive knowledge of black magic, being able to summon the undead to his will. His undead Roman soldiers, the skeletons and Ladon are such examples of his power.

Sejanus also has priestesses in his fortress. In the event that he is killed by any means, these priestesses can revive him. Despite their efforts, however, The Spartan and his fellow Spartans attack his fortress and he is killed by The Spartan.


Trojan UndergroundEdit

  • While The Spartan attempts to find the Spear of Achilles. Sejanus is on a bridge and cannot be attacked, but he mocks The Spartan and summons an army of undead soldiers.
  • At the end after the player gains the Spear of Achilles, he also summons a large number of undead soldiers. This time he also attempts to defeat The Spartan by rapidly shooting fire bolts that resemble his sword in great arcs.

In AthensEdit

  • He uses dark magic to attempt to kill The Spartan and prevent Athenian citizens and Spartan warriors from activating the last Eye of Apollo.
  • After the last Eye of Apollo in mansion grounds, he attacks on his undead dragon, Ladon for the four other sunbeams and in the final fight. The Spartan kills Ladon, and Sejanus is forced to fight on foot; this ultimately results in his death, but before that he kills Pollux. However, his priestesses revive him.

At the Gates of SaturnEdit

  • The Spartans launch a siege. During the storming of the citadel, Sejanus is encountered again in undead form. After killing his four priestesses, The Spartan fights Sejanus and his undead soldiers, after which Sejanus is killed for the last time.

Gallery Edit

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