The Spartan
King Leonidas



Voiced By

Noah Lee Margetts

Pollux is Castor's twin brother and one of Sparta's best swordsmen. He serves as one of The Spartan's lieutenants.



Pollux, along with Castor and The Spartan, attempt to activate the remaining sunbeams in Athens. After lighting the final four sunbeams and killing the Ladon, Sejanus appears and Pollux attempts to attack him. Sejanus easily blocks his attack and kills him, but then revives him as an undead. While The Spartan and Electra fight Sejanus, Castor battles the undead Pollux to keep him out of their way and the two are shown to be equal. When The Spartan kills Sejanus, Pollux dies with him leaving his brother Castor and comrades to mourn his untimely death. His remains were entrusted to Electra by Castor, who had wanted his brother's body to be awarded the respect he truly deserved.

Gates of SaturnEdit

It is later revealed that Sejanus was revived by his priestesses. The undead necromancer mocked Pollux's death by claiming, "But I am, shall we say, more resourceful than he was." He challenged The Spartan to one final battle and the warrior journeyed through the palace to slay the villain in hopes of letting his friend rest peacefully and not in pain. The Spartan killed all the priestesses and confronted Sejanus again, emerging victorious after a long and arduous battle. Castor then joined up with The Spartan and told him, "Sejanus is no more! Without his priestesses he doesn't have the power to come back." Spartan replied calmly, "Now Pollux can rest in peace." They leave, satisfied that their ally and brother has been avenged with the death of his killer.


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