The Minotaur-Spartan Total Warrior






The Spartan
Roman Army

The Minotaur is a mythical beast, captured by Rome to serve as entertainment for Emperor Tiberius.


The Minotaur was captured by Rome to serve as Emperor Tiberius' entertainment for an upcoming game in the Colosseum. However, it eventually broke out of its cage and fled into the Roman sewers, prompting Tiberius to send groups of Romans to recapture it.

Due to the Minotaur's massive strength, the Romans tried corral the Minotaur's movement by unleashing poison gas throughout the sewers tried to lure it into a small area where Roman soldiers could utilize a Vial of Rage against it. However, these attempts failed, and the beast continued to run around the sewers, annoying Roman forces as they also had to deal with escaped gladiators.

The Spartan first encounters the Minotaur after defeating all the enemies with a Vial of Rage. It charges at a group of Roman soldiers, killing all of them instantly. The Spartan later encounters the Minotaur again after shutting down the poison system, where it tries to bash through an iron grate but fails. It is encountered a final time when it charges through a larger group of Romans who tried to pin the Spartan and his allies in a large chamber. The Spartan eventually takes down the Minotaur along with numerous Roman soldiers.