The Arena is a customizable battlefield where players can customize their own solo battles. You can unlock more customs when you find chests when the stone-like helm is shown.

Arenas consist of 10 rounds, the later rounds being more harder by replacing weaker enemies with stronger ones. If there is a lack of various enemies instead, the game will instead add more units into the fray.

Types of ArenasEdit

  • Arena 1: The Roman Army. The player is a Warrior only. Enemies include the weakest of Romans to Centurions.
  • Arena 1 Units: Roman Recruit, Roman Soldier, Roman Archer, Heavy Legionary, and Centurion.
  • Arena 2: Barbarians. The player is a Hero. Enemies include the weakest of barbarians to Gigantes.
  • Arena 2 Units: Barbarian Warrior, Barbarian Raider, Barbarian Hunter, Berserker, and Gigante.
  • Arena 3: Sewers. The enemies are the undead and skeletons. Enemies are undead Romans and Skeletal warriors and archers. You can fall off this arena and get killed, so do not try to attempt it.
  • Arena 3 Units: Undead Warrior, Skeleton Warrior, and Skeleton Archer.
  • Arena 4: Praetorian Arena. Enemies range from Praetorian soldiers, Praetorian Legionaires, Assassins, Infernus and other types of Praetorian related units. The player is a Hero.
  • Arena 4 Units: Praetorian Guard, Praetorian Archer, Praetorian Legionary, Praetorian Carnifex, Infernus, and Assassin.
  • Arena 5: Gladiators. The player is a Legend.
  • Arena 5 Units: Hoplomachus Heavy Axe Gladiator, Thracian Light Arms Gladiator, and Retarius Trident Gladiator.
  • Arena 6: All-round Arena. It copies all of the arenas above. The player is a Legend.

Customizable traitsEdit

  • Health shrine (x3) - they're NE, NW and near your starting area
  • Mana shrine (x3) - same positions as health
  • Spartan Swordsmen (x1)
  • Allied Gigantes (x1) - Found in a chest behind Beowulfs troops after taking his hammer.
  • Spartan Hoplites (x1)
  • Spartan Archers (x1)
  • Arrows (comes in fire and regular)
  • Vial of Rage - in the middle of the arena
  • Explosives


The strategy employed can vary between the arenas you pick. 

Arena 1Edit

When doing this arena, you should note that you have very low health, and as the waves get harder, Centurions and Legionaires begin to take the place of soldiers and recruits. Use the shrines only when nesscary and keep the vial of rage until you absolutely need it. You will need to roll around the enemies since the Legionaires and Centurions will attemp to bash you which results in you getting killed pretty fast.

Arena 2Edit

When doing this arena, Gigantes are lacked in the early rounds, but once you get to wave 5, multiple (around 6), and more will spawn in the latter rounds. Try to get rid of the claw wielding barbarians, and any remaining Gigantes. In the harder rounds, the Gigantes charge at you and tend to kill each other resulting in a somewhat smoother round.

Arena 3Edit

The skeletons and undead zombies aren't that much of a problem, although the skeletons are immune to regular arrow fire. The only execption to this is a lighting bolt arrow strike, which will stun all the units it targets and is effective against them. Make sure you target the archers first, since their numbers increase rapidly in the later rounds.

Arena 4Edit

This is perhaps one of the most hardest arenas, due to the training of the Praetorian guard. There aren't any Infernus or Assassins in the first round, but the leaders of the group will make it difficult to get through with low casualties. Assassins and Infernus are perhaps the most dangerous along with the strong units and should be taken out first. The soldiers should be taken out last.

Arena 6Edit

Use all the strateiges above, since this arena uses all of the other arenas enemies.

Points systemEdit

Players can gain points for actions they do in the Arena:

  • By killing special units, which causes one of the following (Heroic kill or Legendary kill), players gain the appropiate points.
  • By doing combos. Higher combos result in more points.
  • Killing allies, which causes the player to lose points.

There are 5 ranks in each arena. The player's score is submitted when the player wins the gauntlet or is defeated in one of the rounds.

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